Industrialization impacted us in so many ways. Piracy has never been common. As a designer, you have to protect your work against people who will try to make a profit from your work. We’ve seen how robust these cases are. Law enforcement finds it challenging to carry out the law; however, there have been success stories about it. Not all designs can be patented with ส่วนลด Se-ed, but if you have a design that’s groundbreaking, it deserves to be protected.


What’s the Process?

For beginners, it is better to hire a patent attorney who will do the difficult paperwork for you. If you don’t like to pay legal fees, you may do the work by yourself. But do consider the amount of time you have to dedicate to get this done. Patenting is a serious business. It could take 12 to 18 months. Sounds too long, doesn’t it? But getting a patent that is under your name is such a big honour. It’s good for your Mofibo rabatkode and credibility as a designer.

When You Should Patent

Great ideas don’t happen every day. It doesn’t work like the Rockwear promo code. You must file a patent if your design can be easily copied. You can also file patents for unique concepts that can be marketed to provide solutions to problems of consumers. Also, it is important to patent prior to releasing your work in a wide-scale market. Doing so will cause the enforcement much harder especially if piracy is already widespread.


Patent Promises Longer Profit Generation

Patents can help you benefit from your invention or design longer. Protecting your invention as your intellectual property is bankable. Companies who may be interested to invest on your work will have to credit you as the owner of the idea. You’ll also get royalty fees simply because you have a patent. This is the reason why the patent is such an important partner of designers. It’s also right that designers should be credited for their work. Piracy might be the highest form of compliment, but for designers, it’s a big nonsense.